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Different Types of Air Compressors

An air compressor is just an air compressor. However, there are several different types of features and characteristics that differentiate their models. Tank style and size, portability and powering methods are just a few of the ways that the units differ. More information on the types of air compressors can be found online. What follows is a brief discussion of the several different styles and characteristics commonly found with the air compressing models available on the retail market today.#

There are electric powered air compressors. The electric powered units are the most prevalent compressors found today especially for routine homeowner uses. The electric models are the least expensive in the market. They have the ability to be used indoors since no harmful exhaust is created by the electric motor.

There are gas powered air compressors which are powered by a gasoline engine that fuels the pump. These types of air compressors are mostly used in commercial settings. They cannot be used indoors because of the carbon monoxide being expelled through the exhaust.

There are oil-free machines used with motors which do not require additional oil. Oil-free air compressors are easy to click here and maintain but they are not as durable and long lasting when compared to the oil lubricant compressors.

Hotdog machine units are highly portable and small. These types of air compressors are less powerful and designed for light duty uses. The hotdog air compressors cannot be used to power air tools such as impact wrenches.

There are also portable models which are not affixed to a specific location. Single stages models for air compressors have single pistons that compress air.  There are also two-stage air compressors. These have two pistons within the motor that compress air and delivers pressurized air through the pump. One piston is used to compress air and mobilize air to the other piston. The next piston delivers the compressed air to the tank. These are heavy use compressors perfect for the heavy commercial type of setting. There are single tank compressors which have a single air tank and dual tank compressors with two air tanks.

Stationary air compressors are another type of click air compressors. They are fixed to a particular location such as a truck bed or garage bench. Such air compressors are wired directly to an electric circuit. Wheelbarrow compressors are portable air compressors which rely on a type of a cart like a wheelbarrow. This makes the owner easily transport the air compressor too different locations.